Taurus Capital is an online investment program with headquarters in United Kingdom The company was constituted by a group of entrepreneurs from 7 different industries with more than 50 years of experience combined together. Since 2001, they have worked in different financial markets and are intimately linked with the development of important cryptocurrencies, and other blockchain-realted projects on various platforms exchanges. Taurus Capital was established in 2018 to provide enlightened financial solutions to both individuals, organizations and government agencies.

In recent years, we have dedicated ourselves in making big investments in the development of trading bots and Eco-Solar Crypto mining. At the beginning of 2018, we decided to assemble a team of experts in blockchain technology, Cryptocurrencies (including crypto-mining), stock trading and Multilevel Marketing. We want Taurus Capital to be the biggest and most comprehensive online investment program project while attracting small and medium scale investors.

Our team is comprised of specialist consultants who have a deep understanding of the commercial intricacies and growth constraints faced by businesses in the current financial market. As experts in the financial sector and cryptocurrency, we recognise that every organization faces unique challenges and operational constraints. As a result, we always strive to merge financial management best-practices with bespoke solutions that are tailored around your vision and current infrastructure.

Digital Assets

Taurus Capital is a company that specializes in digital assets and distributed accounting technology. We have been behind the development of important blockchain projects and several other mouth-watering investment programs. Our financing round includes private investors, strategic investors, as well as new strategic institutions.

We are building one of the world’s most promising platforms – from distribution to custody and the transfer of cryptocurrencies, using distributed ledger and smart contract technology. The launch of our Hybrid Exchange and payment system, as well as a complete blockchain communication infrastructure, will allow companies in the field of cryptocurrencies to expand their services and activate digital assets at a lower rate. Taurus works by combining traditional and digital assets to aid innovation.


To be a respected corporation. We also want to position our products and services in different markets and industries so that each of our partners around the world would constantly benefit as well as help grow our assets together.

Secondly, we want to achieve the $70 million capitalization in the first 5 years of operation.

Thirdly, that our Taurus Education Academy certifies 1,000 new professional traders, miners and Cryptocurrency experts this 2020.

Creating a cost-effective and efficient cryptocurrency mining facility with robust infrastructural backbone.


Taurus Capital was created to help investors find new investment alternatives in the cypto market.

To build a cryptocurrency with real value.

To provide opportunities for profitable, reliable and innovative investment.

To help our clients achieve long-term success in reaching their goals.

Investment offerings that fit your needs

Taurus Capital is a technology development and private investment group. Its blockchain solutions in the market can help anyone with or without experience, small and medium investors to join the field of cryptocurrencies with the highest security.

Eco-solar Mining

The company also has contracted eco-solar cryptocurrency mining centers in Iceland and soon in Texas, USA. So far, we have a mining capacity of 100 megawhats.


Financial Operations

Invest under the guidance of successful traders in the industry who will help you make your first investments in the financial markets.

At Taurus Capital, our professional traders await every new oppoertunity that opens up in the financial market to trade successfully for you.

We can fully boast of some of the most talented traders and educators who have a huge amount of experience in profitably trading capital over many years. We currently trade equities, Forex, options, futures and cryptocurrencies. Our professional traders are generating between 5% and 7% every week in the financial markets despite the condition of the market.

Our trading and arbitrage bots are easy to use and allows new users to ensure their trading strategies are being correctly implemented. Our bots also creates a large number of simultaneous trades by quicly taking advantage of regular market fluctuations and placing trades as fast as 3 and 4 thousandths of seconds before market movements occur.

Our trading software works with all market conditions and isn’t affected by the volatility of the market.

Eco-Solar Crypto Mining

One of the biggest drawbacks of mining cryptocurrency is its massive energy consumption. The mining process which is used to add blocks to the ledger involves using computer hardware to solve mathematical equations. The process is resource-intensive and not sustainable because of it effects on the climate.

Our aim is to solve the problem of energy consumption in the blockchain with a solar energy farm. Our approach is to use green energy to power the data centres where the mining takes place. We will combine renewable energy and cryptocurrency mining by using photovoltaic solar panels to fuel all our mining activities.

Our ecological mining centers works 24 hours a day and is responsible for mining the most profitable cryptocurrencies. As an investor, you can obtain these cryptocurrencies for 10%-30% below the market value while you are guaranteed of a fixed profitability for the entire year or duration of the investment.